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At FobbuOne, we have spent the last several years formulating the ideal car care products for Indian weather conditions.
We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on price, quality, safety, function or sustainability when it comes to choosing products for your car, this is why we design all our products keeping our people and our planet in mind. Using NO harmful chemicals in any of the products is one way to stay true to our principles and ensure safety for every one involved.

Why FobbuOne?

Chemicals harm the vehicle
A popular myth is that chemicals are required to clean you car and aggressively attack dirt and grime, this actually can’t be further from truth. The harmful chemicals not only attack dirt and grime but also attack your vehicle’s paint and the underlying surface causing long term damage.
For instance, using an ammonia-based product will strip away all the protective layers of the paint such as wax and polish, making it dull and lifeless. Using the same product on leather upholstery will lead to premature fading, aging and cracking of the surface in the long run.

Chemicals harm you
Imagine your presence around these harmful chemicals, they are bound to cause severe ailments. Their toxic fumes can cause severe respiratory problems, skin or eye irritation, burns, and even blindness. Some chemicals are even carcinogens! Your kids touch the car dashboard with chemical laced polish and eat food or do other activities without washing their hands, a lot can go wrong.

You might think that by using safety gear such as protective eye wear, gloves and mask will keep you from harm’s way. Unfortunately, the residue of these chemicals are left on the surfaces of a vehicle even after washing and drying. Thus, they can still affect you and your loved ones’ health and well-being.

And the Environment
As for the environment, toxic wastewater from a car wash can contaminate storm drains and waterways. Unbeknownst to you, this toxic water is killing off aquatic plants and life and at some point this water will make its way back to our taps.